• Did you always want to be a writer? Yes
  • Did you always want to be a poet? No
  • How do you balance being a doctor and a writer? I make it more precarious by adding a third thing that I am also not very good at
  • Why was your first book called The Book of Retaliations? Because Jim wouldn't let me call it To Kill A Mockingjay
  • Fragility is a word often used in regards to your writing, why do you think that is? I did Latin at school and they tortured me with the Aeneid so I suppose, despite my best efforts, some of that still seeped through 
  • Where can I find other poets similar to you? There, there and there (I'm pointing at two men and a dog in various stages of agitation)
  • Do you think mental illness is something to laugh at? No, it is frightening and exhausting and our city has a terrifying blind spot on Ossington & Queen
  • I'm in a rush, do you mind if I skip to the end? Yes, I mind a lot