First New Poem Published in 2019

Proud to be published in 580Split’s Issue about the breaches in our current political climate.

From my next manuscript titled Universal Monsters, please enjoy I Am Waiting For A Terrible Sentence To Begin:

I am waiting for a terrible sentence to begin

I am waiting for permission

I am waiting for the world to empty

his war chest of ammunition

I am waiting for him to be shoved

naked onto the streets

tonguing a solitary gold tooth for Quixotic-reassurance

I am waiting for bars to fill with traders

speculating on his future

I am waiting for forest and field to reject him

for canopy and tallest corn to consent to the drones

I am waiting for no respite from silent superveillance

I am waiting for ladders to actualize and stilt-walk away

to loiter across alley-mouths like wooden gangs

all leg and tooth and grin

I am waiting for rash to rise from the brand on his buttock

waiting for a shingles belt to lick his haunch like Sticky-Fingered-Hot-Lip

I am waiting for witches

to ascend from stony riverbeds casting reparation spells

I am waiting for the lesson to dawn

to bubble up in passers-by and flood

through social mediums like body-snatcher plagues

I am waiting for this anger to form something more than outrage

I am waiving my consent